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Warm Welcome, When it comes to 10A quality raw virgin hairs, we are PIONEERS> Import/Exports Phenomenal quailty hair! 10A Rare Raw Virgin human hair quality Sourced worldwide! >>> Our products are ONLY available by custom hand select Raw healthy 100% Human hairs , Hand select Factory, Hand select style thin micro weft or (10A Brazilian, Malaysian, Peruvian are always double weft), Our official 10A Remy hairs are always double drawn quality or one donor tapered ends , NEVER TANGLES, NOR SHEDS EXCESSIVELY WITH CARE! We're Now offering Lay Buy by Paypal available at checkout in our new store, Your LayAway is directly between you & Paypal, invest as little as 10% down and pay off up to 6 months! Request link in live chat or Visit >>> , You may also request your packages here be transferred to the new store to keep current rates or use coupons which are on the new site., Great way to own Raw Virgin hairs which last longer, look more natural and beautiful , spend less only buy this quality every TWO YEARS, if that much! P.S>>> SHIPPING- WITHIN IN 7 BUSINESS DAYS, YOUR ITEMS WITHH EITHER BE SHIPPED OR IN YOUR HANDS! UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED. ,(WEEK) DAYS ( NOT SUNDAY, NOT SATURDAY), Thank you for browsing, Have a great day , live chat 24/7 onsite:)
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